How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media?

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This is always a great question…  trying to figure out how to determine if your Social Media efforts are actually working!

People throw around the term ROI (Return on Investment) all the time but how do you actually measure it with your Social Media?

Before you can judge the effectiveness of your Social Media effort, you really need to make sure that you have the proper expectations.  So you absolutely MUST wrap your head around this concept…

Social Media will rarely ever “close” sales for you.  Rather, it will “open” doors and “open” opportunities.

resultsSo how does this apply to your network marketing business?

If you are sitting around waiting for your Social Media efforts to sponsor someone or to make a retail sale, then you are fooling yourself a bit.  It is highly doubtful that someone will get your eNewsletter or read a Facebook post, pick up the phone and say “Hey, I want to sign up in your business!”

I wish it were that easy, but it’s not.  Heck, if it were that easy, there’d be millionaires everywhere!

What is more likely to happen is that someone gets your eNewsletter or sees your Facebook post and says “Hey, I got your email, what’s this all about?”

Ding, Ding, Ding!!  We have ourselves a winner!!  Social Media just allowed you to share information about your business and product with someone who previously knew nothing about it!   Huge win!

From that point forward, success is really up to you.  How good are you at taking someone through the process of information, answering their questions, creating excitement, and moving them to the point of purchasing from you or joining you?  Your end results really depend on you, not your Social Media.

Having a Social Media marketing plan does not mean that you no longer need to do all of the things that successful network marketers do.  But, having a Social Media plan in place allows you to talk to a lot of people who normally might not have listened.  OR in many cases, it allows you to get information to people that you may have been reluctant to call or contact. It expands your list and helps you to reach more people.

So just remember, Social Media will open doors and opportunities for you, then it’s up to you (along with your upline) to “close” the deal with a product sale, a new consultant registration, or a referral.  Keep this in the proper perspective and you’ll be able to see Social Media “wins” frequently within your business.