Want to Build Your Group Faster? Here’s the Secret!

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So you join a network marketing company and within just a few days you realize that if you really want this thing to grow, you need to reach out to a large number of people and educate them on your business, product, and opportunity.  In doing so you hope to generate sales, referrals, and new business builders.

But inherent in this realization is the fact that you actually have to find people to talk to.

Now even if you are one of the lucky few with a huge warm list that you can leverage, most of the people you recruit are not going to have that luxurious list.  This means if you want to be a leader and get the big paycheck we all covet, then you need to help your down line to solve this problem.  After all, in every walk of life and every business, the biggest rewards come to those who help others solve problems.

Ok, so here’s the problem you face as a leader –  How do you help/show your down line to reach more people?

Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you already realize the answer.

Social Media

But wow, what a vague term!  We hear the words “Social Media” and we kinda know what it is.  I mean, after all, most of us have a Facebook page…  am I right?

“So I have a Facebook page- how the heck will that make me any money?”

Well, honestly, it won’t!  Unless you know the proper strategy to implement with your Facebook page and have the other Social Media “pieces” put in place, a Facebook page all by itself won’t get you rich in MLM (or any business).  In fact, it won’t even make you different because everyone has one.

“Ok Greg, get to the point…”

Here’s the point.

In the history of network marketing, very few distributors have ever had a mechanism in place that not only can help them to reach and provide value to their entire warm market, but also something that they can easily implement and duplicate with their down line.

Even today, with tons of Social Media information out there, the percentage of network marketers and home business owners who are properly utilizing it is miniscule.  Which is why implementing a Social Media plan into your business provides value to your organization like never before.

But here’s where it gets exciting, especially as your team begins to grow…

Statistics tell us that the average person on Facebook has about 280 Facebook friends.

This means that every time someone in your down line implements a good Social Media strategy, you pick up around 280 new prospects for your business!

It’s important to understand how powerful this is since most network marketers will struggle to find and contact prospects.  You have the ability to show them how to continually be in touch with 280 or more prospects on a regular basis simply by joining implementing a strategy!  And if our team helps you to put it in place, 99% of the work is done for you!

Let’s do some quick math now…

If you had just 10 people in your down line and all of them were using Social Media properly and they all just had the average of 280 Facebook friends.

Once every week 2,800 people could see an article posted on their Facebook page that has the potential to become income for you.  And every other week, these same 2,800 people could get an email that has the potential to become income for you.  That’s 16,800 pieces of information going out every month that all have the potential to make you money!

Do you know of any other way that you could be reaching that many people every month without paying thousands of dollars for mass advertising?

What if you had 20 or 30 or 100 people all doing the same thing?

Let’s put it all into perspective here…

1.  You have an opportunity, business, and product that you believe in.

2.  You incorporate a Social Media strategy that allows you to reach HUGE numbers of people in ways that network marketers have never had before.

3.  You have an experienced marketing team behind you that provides a level of support that most network marketers just wish they had.

Sound to good to be true?  It’s not!

A final word…

If you don’t look to implement a strategy, you’ll always face higher attrition rates and lose prospects to other companies that DO have a social media strategy in place!

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